Go Name Yourself – Eli Altman

90 cards to guide any naming process.

Similar to a deck of playing cards, Go Name Yourself has four suits: Preparation, Ideation, Lessons, and Vetting. 

PREPARATION [15 cards]: Lay the groundwork for good naming. Preparation cards help you understand positioning, context, and audience so your name has purpose and you aren't just throwing around words you like and seeing what sticks.

IDEATION [45 cards]: This is the core of the deck. Ideation cards share 45 different ways we've come up with names at A Hundred Monkeys. Instead of staring at a blank page waiting for brilliance, each card gives you a thought exercise that will help you come up with a wild smattering of names.

LESSONS [15 cards]: What we've learned about naming over the years. Lessons deal with many of the misconceptions and traps that get people stuck while trying to come up with names.

VETTING [15 cards]: While coming up with great names is tough enough, making sure your name won't get you into trouble is another challenge entirely. Vetting cards help you take the names you've come up with and put them through the ringer--making sure you're in the clear legally, culturally, and practically.


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